DANZSHLAG DJs at VeryVeryWrongIndeed Party
@ CARGO, London | Fri. 23rd Nov. 2012 | FREE

27/10/2012 | 10pm - 4am | @ Take5 Cafe, 72 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY 
(Over 18s only) | £5 | Live visuals by EYE4ANEYE

Continuing our 5th year celebrations, nomadic techno party DANZSHLAG is back in the southwest...
We'll be landing in Bristol to celebrate HALLOWEEN gore-to-the-floor shlag-style. Our party lands 
on the same date as Bristol's Zombiewalk, so if you have plans to join the march of the living dead, 
you know where the entrails should lead! Intimate basement party at Take5 Cafe, zombie flesh-eaters... 
it's an exquisite deathly match-made in hell!

This will be a RANCID DRESS affair, so go all out... 
Raving Ravens, Techno Trolls, Sweaty Betties, Grubby Mummies, Boney Cronies, Dancing Bears, 
Severed Dreadheads, Fang-gangs, Grizzly Gits, Broomstick Babes and Darth Ravers...

Infectious grooves via local talent from the Apologue boys, Damien Schneider and Patrick Bolton... 
and of course your ghostly hosts, Bunni-Scummy-Mummy-Splanchnik and Shibby Shite-Fright-Polter-Geist...

Be there or be very scared!...

Damien Schneider (Apologue | Micropunto Schallplatten) >>
Born in France, Damien has been into electronic music since the tender age of 11. In 2003 Damien moved to UK, 
first in Cardiff and then in 2004 to Bristol. He decided to team up with several friends to create an audio visual club night
in Bristol called “Cuisine”. The idea was to present innovative and interactive events which would place equal emphasis on
 the audio and the visual. At this time, Damien became known for his late marathon sets, gaining strong exprience 
from playing before or after international artists including The Advent, Oxia, Stephan Bodzin, Tony Rohr, Dj 3000, Heiko Laux, 
Apparat, Redshape, Arnaud Rebotini, Neil Landstrumm, Bruno Pronsato...

In 2008, Damien started producing music and his search for simplexity through music began. This idea can be described as the
search of the balance between elegant melodies, clinical sounds, dissonant noises and bass-heavy drums. And it’s to support this 
exploration that Damien co-founded in 2010 the record label called “Apologue”, with Jamie Curnock, Jobody, and Patrick Bolton 

Dj sets (live recordings) Convex Audio Visual Performance @ Bloc Festival / RFID Dome - March 2010:

Damien Schneider @ Bristol Festival / RFID Dome - September 2010:

Patrick Bolton (Apologue | Sonntag Morgen | Gynoid Audio) >>
One of the founders of the apologue imprint, Patrick's has had a fascination with electronic music for as long as he can remember, 
with the focus being predominately techno. Early influences were Carl Cox, Billy Nasty, Dave Clarke the Detroit contingent, and 
more recently the likes of Sandwell District, Ostgut Ton, Ben Klock, Truss, Perc, Monolake, Shed, Perc, , Zander VT , 
Redshape to name a few. Patrick's tracks contain experimental elements, without compromising on dancefloor appeal, 
and the same can be said for his Dj sets.

Current projects include a combined set with fellow apologue founder Jamie Curnock, reducing tracks down to their bare elements 
and reconstructing them live, to give a unique "on the fly" sound that even they cannot replicate the same each time. Patrick has 
remixes, guest mixes and releases on labels such as Apologue, Sonntag Morgen and Gynoid Audio and Metroline.

Patrick Bolton Podcast for Metroline (London/Italy):

Shibby Shitegeist (DANZSHLAG | JamtheChannel | Coal) >>

Brand new podcast for The Techno Kittens: 

Bunni Splanchnik (DANZSHLAG | veryverywrongindeed | Bugs 'n Stuff) >>

Bunni's release on VeryVeryWrongIndeed

...and Bugs 'N Stuff:

Bunni Splanchnik @ Hide & Seek Masquerade Ball | SAT 21st SEPTEMBER
Early-bird tickets available here

Shibby Shitegeist @ Cakefest | SAT 4th AUGUST

DANZSHLAG DJs @ JamTheChannel | SAT 28th JULY

TUES 24th JULY | 11pm - Late  @ Pudel Club | Free Entry

Shitegeist on Greenbox TV (Hamburg) | Tues 24th July

Bunni Splanchnik's Tour de Splanch EP now available on Beatport!

Get the goods here:

DANZSHLAG presents FALLING COWS live [Germany] & DAVID LAST live [USA]
SAT 23rd JUNE | 8.30pm - Late  
@ The Moustache Bar, 58 Stoke Newington Rd, N16 7XB

For our steamy summer installment of DANZSHLAG we are excited to announce two upcoming UK 
exclusive live performances by mooing duo from Germany FALLING COWS and our Yankee booty-shakin', 
ass-jackin' jack-of-all trades, DAVID LAST.

FALLING COWS is comprised of Romain Favre, aka Moog Conspiracy, Head Cow at Elektrotribe Records 
with releases on many labels including Tretmuehle, Doppelganger, Gatspiel, and Wasabi, and Grobi, aka Berger, 
involved in the Beatplantation mayhem at Essen. Grobi has released on labels such as Elektrotribe, Eminor Binary, 
Tonkind, Leubensfreude, and Ware. Their energetic live sets have earned them gigs in no less than the land of sacred 
cows, India. Together the two have trotted the globe milking the dance floors dry!

DAVID LAST's resume is impressive, ranging from his visual arts background, to releasing all over the place on labels 
such as Staubgold, The Agriculture, Foundsound/ Unfoundsound, and his own co-run label Konque, and playing all over 
the world at festivals such as MUTEK (Montreal), cult-clubs like the Bunker (New York) and er, caves in Japan. 
He promises to deliver a tasty mix of Latino-inspired grooves with a techy-twist, 
exclusively for the shlag-floor. 


 Shibby Shitegeist (DANZSHLAG / JTC) 11pm - 12am
 Bunni Splanchnik (DANZSHLAG / VVWI) 10pm - 11pm
 ModeBaku (WIRED) 8.30pm - 10pm

Live visuals by VJ mediapunk

£5 before 10pm | £7 After 
Limited capacity so arrive early to avoid disappointment


"As equal opportunity idiots we don't like to make a fuss about the sexes, but we are dead chuffed to have a real
live LAST on board. Bunni Splanchnik runs, along with oppo Shibby Shitegeist, London's red hot Danzshlag parties.
As part of our return to our original mission statement, we are proud to present this first run of new names and faces.

We open this one with "Raw Sangha". No vegan shit here, just beefy murky wrongness that smells well east.

When hearing "Yahourt", the 3 pensioners in the office all as one jumped up and shouted "Day of The Triffids!". 
We don't know why, but we love that they did.

We sincerely hope to hear more of Bunni on this and other labels in the future. So we bid her firmly launched,
smash a bottle of bubbly on her hull and say a prayer for all brave sailors. Everywhere.

Dance, you Slaaags!"


Geist a Go-Go - Shitegeist tours N. America 

Shitegeist can't help herself... so, when the very last minute opportunity to visit the States presented itself, 
she jumped over the pond to play gigs in Denver alongside previous Shlag guest DAEGON, then Tijuana (Mexico)
to share the bill with future Shlag guest DAVID LAST... Fun was most certainly had. Her next stop was Toronto, where
she was invited to play for StudioFeed Radio. You can watch a video of that here. Following this she visited Montreal
where she had the pleasure of playing for Mini Malice on her birthday with DAOUST and FANCYFHREEK. PROPER!

Follow us for updates @DANZSHLAG 

Shibby Shitegeist on Digitally Imported Radio 
08.05.2012 | 7pm UK time
A week before she heads off on a very impromptu mini-tour across the pond, 
catch Shibby play on Digitally Imported Radio at 7pm (UK time)
----> http://www.di.fm/calendar/today/minimal

Bunni & Shibby B2B in London | May 2012
Bunni and Shibby enjoyed another great night at SALON FLUX last night,
playing back-to-back under the DANZSHLAG moniker.
Next weekend they'll play at 2 events:

04.05.2012 >> 7th Heaven Vs GDM

London Warehouse (secret location).
Info-line: 0758 387 6431

10pm - 12pm

05.05.2012 >> KAOS
E. London
All info: www.kaoslondon.com/Kaosnew/Home.html

5 Yrs of DANZSHLAG presents DUALISM live [Switzerland]
SAT 21st APRIL | 10pm - 6am
DANZSHLAG turns 5 this year and to celebrate 5 years of mayhem, techno, cakes and jelly shots,
from bars to clubs to warehouses, we really have an alpine treat in store for you….
In the form of none other than DUALISM (LIVE).

Dualism will be playing LIVE for their first UK exclusive gig. The duo, Kwamina Roberts and Gabriela Bischofberger are based in Zurich,
Switzerland where they run the celebrated record label NUMBOLIC, known for it's strong sonic penchant for complex, glitchy intelligent
techno, as well as it's strong aesthetic vision. Their sound surprises with unconventional rhythm-structures and multi-layered sound-design.

Fresh from Zurich and sharper than a swiss knife, their uncompromising live PA will be carving some seriously wonky minimal beats, working

their metaphysical magic, weaving the dance floor into frenetic binary opposition, dark and sweet, glitchy yet pounding, double trouble,
so good it's evil, so evil it's good...


Live Visuals by Mediapunk

Limited Early-Bird tickets available from Resident Advisor:



Dualism’s distinctive style and preference for idiosyncratic and broken sounds as well as the clever use of vocal-snippets is always present

in their productions and performances. Their sound is minimal, twisted, queer-melodic, deep and wicked techno with much for detail. Their
sound surprises with unconventional rhythm-structures and multi-layered sound-design.

Their delicate flair for avant-garde sounds earned them their debut release on Pheek’s label Archipel in 2006. They have since released on

Monocline, Spielmann Musik, Revolver, Emote Music, Maschine, and remixed on the likes of Googoo records, Sintegra, Inminimax, Minitiaura,
Autist, Simplex and more..not to mention their releases on Numbolic which has released a spectrum of fresh international talent in the form
of Kane Roth, Display FM, D. Diggler, Pheek, Mandy Jordan, Canary Fontaine, Phillip Wolgast, Sebastian Koch, Suedmilch and Hidenobu Ito
to name a few...

Dualism's uncompromising sound has sent them gigging globally, performing their live PA in Russia (Moscow / Rostov) - Slovakia (Bratislava)

- Germany (Berlin / Stuttgart) - Italy (Milano) - Switzerland (Zurich / Lausanne / Bern / Lucern etc.) and at many other clubs or festivals
and have played with artists like ‘Anja Schneider’ - ‘Exercise One’ - ‘Click Box’ - ‘Steve Lawler’ - ‘Bruno Pronsato’ - ‘Easy Changes’ - ‘Barem’
- ‘Gurtz’ - ‘Treplec’ - ‘Bern’ - ‘Gebrüder Teichmann’ The creative couple have also worked with well established musicians like ‘Franco Cinelli’
- ‘Jacek Sienkiewcz’ - ‘Butane’ - ‘Lineas De Nazca’ - ‘Alejandro Vivanco’ - ‘Cesare vs Disorder’ - ‘Pheek’ - ‘Seph’ - ‘Rudolf’...

So the question remains…

……Do you wanna punk with us..?



Bunni Splanchnik at Global Warning with Watch the Gap DJs, 
L'OPA, Paris Friday 23.02.12
For more details see the event pages on: facebook and Resident advisor


Spring is on it's way! Here is a mini digest for the upcoming months...
Woah - DANZSHLAG pres. DAEGON Live [USA] last weekend was explosive! We think that may
have been our best party to date. Thank you to all who helped make it possible. Check out our
video page to see what we're talking about!

We have lots of exciting gigs on the way over the next few months, starting with a special
DANZSHLAG B2B set at ATOM, Leeds
. This will be the first time Shibby and Bunni have played up
in the glorious North, alongside Speculum [U&A Records / Twisted Frequency Records], Magnet and
Minuten [JamTheChannel] and Lohne. Make your way to The Musiquarium, Sat 3rd March,
10pm - 4am, Advance tickets £5 / Door £7

Next up Bunni Splanchnik will be winging her way over to Paris to play at Global Warning, 23rd March.
Don't miss this opportunity to see Bunni play in her natural environment (she's half French you know).

April 21st
will see the next official installment of DANZSHLAG in London. We're incredibly honoured to
have Switzerland based, minimal pioneers DUALISM [Numbolic] play their first ever UK exclusive. We'll
be celebrating 5 years of DANZSHLAG, and expect this party will literally blow the roof off. We'll release
more info about this in the coming weeks...

We also have our first ever releases on the cards... and more gigs tbc, but that seemed like enough info
for now ;)

SAT 18TH FEB | 10pm - 6am

DANZSHLAG is back with a very special year planned for 2012: the Mayan year of re-birth, transcendental new beginnings,
and this year DANZSHLAG turns 5 years old!

For our first party of the year we revisit our purist roots: this winter edition of DANZSHLAG will be dark, driving, exquisite and minimal.
To kick off our programme of international guests, provide you with an outer-body experience on the dance-floor, we proudly present
DAEGON (LIVE) from Denver (USA), playing a live exclusive as his first official gig in London and the UK. Daegon has had a string of
releases on a gamut of labels, such as Machine Box, Divided, Frucht, Der Hut, GooGoo, E-minor, Dark and Sonorous, Cirque du
and EMOTE to name just a few. Hot on the heels of his European tour, which has included gigs at Tresor and Berghain - no less
than sites of techno pilgrimage for any serious aficionado - Daegon's dark and slamming sound invokes the unknown and possesses you with
an irresistible urge to groove.

Next up we have the promising Cypriot duo MYNUDE. This dynamic outfit will get you seriously orbiting with their infectious sounds, building
a cataclysm of deep and twisted tech beats, original thumping grooves and earth shattering low frequencies. With releases on labels such as
Mad Hatter Recordings, Starcake Records, Elektek Recordings, Voodoo Records, Xe:tech:no, Re:Beat Records and Elektrify, they're set
to be around for some time to come.

Predictions suggest some serious shifting on the dance-floor as DANZSHLAG residents SHIBBY SHITEGEIST and BUNNI SPLANCHNIK serve up
a consortium of loony lunar four to the floor pumping quirk, frag beat, and wonky minimal tech beats designed to work your inner and outer cosmos
into an irresistible frenzy!


10pm - 6am
Secret London Location
Email: danzshlag@gmail.com for location
Live visuals by VJ mediapunk
Sound provided by NINEBAR SOUND


ADDiCTiVE : DANZSHLAG with Tim Sheridan (VeryVeryWrongIndeed)
FRI 16th DEC | 10pm - 6am
URBAN NOMADS, a firm fixture on the hackney warehouse party circuit continue their showcase of the best underground electronic music
with another episode of the ADDiCTiVE saga... this time joining forces with DANZSHLAG, purveyors of jacking beats, from the nonsensical to no nonsense techno.

at the URBAN NOMADS HQ: Under The Dust Studios
£10 door/ £6 concessions
(please send your full names to danzshlag@gmail.com to be on the concessions list & receive further info)

We are ecstatic to welcome head honcho of record label VERY VERY WRONG INDEED Tim Sheridan (London/Ibiza) The Lord of Wrongness himself,

will be wronging' it on the wheels of steel and getting you hooked on some seriously frivolous wonk! ADDICTIVE: DANZSHLAG promises to serve up an irresistible
fix of dirty beats and a double dose of dance floor mayhem to see you into the festive season.

From a long background of warehouses, free beach parties in Ibiza, raves at DC10 and across Europe and the UK, Tim Sheridan's Veryverywrongindeed parties and
its label Veryverywrongindeed Recordings now has rave support from DJs from Dan Ghenacia to Sebo K, Laurent Garnier and Mr C. With a residency at Fabric's London
sister club matter and upcoming tracks from Max Cooper, Sheridan himself, Spektre, and previous releases from dub KULT, King Roc, Johnny Arthur, Andre Crom,
Tom Dazing and a host of up-and-comers such as Adrian Martin and Richard Seely, the label can be found at veryverywrongindeed.com


Plus support from:

Shibby Shitegeist reps DANZSHLAG in Denver and Detroit | November 2011

DANZSHLAG co-founder and resident Shibby Shitegeist is set to rep JAMTHECHANNEL and DANZSHLAG next month in America.

On Friday 18th November she’ll be headlining the infamous Beatport Lounge (Beta Nightclub) with a 3 hour twisted techno, dub-techno, and bass set.
This is part of Denver’s eclectic minimal label EMOTE’s showcase night. Shibby will be sharing the bill with ‘techno ambassador’ John Templeton (Oban),
who co-runs EMOTE and is the brainchild behind Denver’s GATF (Great American Techno Festival). The club has been voted no.15 in the world,
and no.1 in the USA by DJ Mag 2011, and has been likened to Berlin’s Watergate with its beautiful LED lighting and Funktion-One sound.

The following Friday (25th Nov) Shibby will be winging over to the ‘homeland of techno’, Detroit, to play alongside
nospectacle & Matthew Hawtin. Catch them play to live
visuals at 2739 Edwin, a gallery space in Hamtramck. Wish her some extra rave-expert luck! In the meantime, she’s recorded this set for y’all to download (follow the link).

DANZSHLAG presents DoubtingThomas  | SAT 17th SEP | 10pm - 6am
After the roaring success of the last DANZSHLAG at Performance Space in Hackney Wick,
the two collectives come together again to put on another mean warehouse party!

We are excited to welcome acclaimed producer and established fixture of the London underground scene,
French born producer DoubtingThomas who has released on the likes of 31337, Igloo Rec, Safari Electronique,
Mean Records and Serialism.

- " His down tempo, minimal house and quirky techno always look for the patterns and structure of the inner sound.
Sequences within the sound, reaction of the mind and body as well as the interaction of images across the music
....these are the ideas behind DoubtingThomas's music"

We also welcome back South African London based producer Nokken fresh off the back of a gig in Hamburg with
Camea and Tim Xavier, with releases on E-Minor, Retro Metro, UNT! and an EP on WunderKammer in the pipeline...


French born, London based Aurelien aka DoubtingThomas first started his musical journey in 1998 after a childhood
obsession with drums and their rythmatic allure. Producing down tempo and electronic sounds led to a rapid progression
into live recordings and soundscaping which lured him away from France and into London in 2000. Here he studied
Sound Engineering at the acclaimed SAE and continued his ever growing passion for freedom of expression.

London and its underground electronic music scene rapidly became Aurelien’s main focus and he began composing
for independent films and collaborating on projects with London's up and coming underground artists whilst defining his
concept as DoubtingThomas and his sound on the scene. Regular nights at TBar, The End, Unit 7 and numerous renowned
venues led to meeting and working alongside Doudou Malicious's 'Multivitamins Records', Buenos Aire's Dilo's infamous
'Igloo Records' as well as Cesare vs Disorder's brainchild 'Serialism' and San Francisco based 'Two Circles' . DoubtingThomas’
upcoming releases on 31337 and Release Sustain later this year look set to project his unique sound further into his creative
element, alongside the numerous releases we have seen and heard from DoubtingThomas to date.


Hailing from South Africa, Nokken began DJing at the tender age of 12. He played at many warehouse parties and club nights in
South Africa and moved to London to pursue music. Nokken has played at Turnmills, 1001, Gramaphone, The Rhythm Factory,
Public Life, 512, The Russian Bar, Departure Lounge, The Jamm, The Light Bar, to name afew and alongside DJs such as Pure Science,
Sweet n Candy, Saytek, Massimo Licari, Alex Capelli, Lump, Ladida and Tadeo. Nokken began producing and managed a record label
Minimal Force for a few years but left the company in search of a more creative environment to focus on his production. This year
Nokken has released on E-minor Binary and his first E.P is out now on Metroline/Retroline. The second E.P on Unt Records is out now.
In 2010 he formed incube8 with fellow DJ and promoter Bunni Splanchnik (Danzshlag), which has been hosting regular nights such as
Man V Machine, Machine Love and Salon of Nonesuch with many more to follow later in the year.

Tickets: £7.50 adv (Available from RA)/£10 (Door)
Live visuals by VJ mediapunk
Sound provided by ninebarsound

AEON FESTIVAL | 29.08.11
DANZSHLAG (Bunni Splanchnik and Shibby Shitegeist) will be playing alongside Magnet, Bump and 
Tim Sheridan in the JAM THE CHANNEL tent at AEON festival.  
Bring on the wrongness!

26-28 August 2011
ShobrookePark, Crediton,   Nr Exeter, EX17 1DG

Unit 10 collective group show Eine Grosse Funf is opening this thursday at the renowned venue C.A.M.P. 
Bunni Splanchnik will be playing later in the evening, music will run on until 1am. For more info on the collective:

Catch Shibby Shitegeist playing an eclectic mix of dub-techno, minimal, and whatever else
makes sense at the time this Friday night
at SUBHEAVY EPM, Plymouth's honcho bass night.
10pm-4am / @ Maggie's ( Bretonside [Bus stn] / PL4 0BG)
Free entry b4 11.30pm
Full line-up coming soon.

Bunni Splanchnik is pleased to be involved in the 4th instalment of SALON FLUX.
Once again they will turn Unit10 into rooftop cinema, dance floor and exhibition space…

The Twilight Project - Improvised Live Session
Piano: John Jaswilowicz - Live Visuals: David Altweger
Beaty Heart 
BUNNI SPLANCHNIK  (http://www.danzshlag.co.uk/
Wisdom (AO& - Vienna)
RGB (wholemealmusic.co.uk)
Idealzone (salon flux)

Supported by FILMPRO http://www.filmpro.net/
For more information http://www.salonflux.com/


10PM - 6AM
] performance  s p a c e [
Unit 6 Hamlet Industrial Estate, E9 5E9
Funktion-one sound provided by PRO-PA 
This is an after-party for B E Y O N D  N E C E S S I T Y
All proceeds to ] performance  s p a c e [
Join us on Facebook

Early-bird tickets £7.50 available here and on RA // Door price £10

FILASTINE [Jarring Effects, Soot, Shockout, ROMZ, Uber Lingua, Post World Industries]
Grey Filastine is an audio-visual artist born in Los Angeles, based in Barcelona, and often nomadic.
He composes a dense transnational bass music that collides the lowest frequencies of dubstep with the highest-level
beat science, acoustic strings, voices, and lofi street noises. The results are “awesome and delicate…
hybrids so fluent they defy classification.” - Pitchfork

Performing up to a hundred concerts per year, Filastine triggers live riddims and synchronized video from a heap of
electronics wired to an amplified shopping cart. You may have seen him at a sweaty Tokyo nightclub, a football stadium in
Casablanca, a respected euro-fest like Sónar, in a parking lot in Borneo, during a Christiana riot, or touring the US with Bassnectar.

Before making electronic music Filastine played with the Infernal Noise Brigade, a marching band he founded for the Battle of Seattle.
He continues to use audio as a tool of intervention with the Sound Swarm, an orchestra of bike-mounted megaphones conducted by
pirate radios transmitters. Do not miss this rare opportunity to see him play in the UK.

Check out this video of his live audio-visual show

Monday 6th June 2011
Bunni Splanchnik is guest DJ on veteran pirate radio show Halo-land
from 8pm-11pm, live video stream and chat. Tune in on: